About the Company



Our primary mission as a company is to convey smiles to you!  8 years ago, we've sold thousands of IPL Laser devices in our local store, and it wasn't until then we've decided to step up to the game and reach more people in need of a smile, that’s whys we're now selling worldwide online!  Intervened by our daily hustles, we've often forgotten about loving ourselves and the ones around us, and just by spending 10 minutes periodically, we could make a dramatic life change!

It took us long enough, 8 years to thoroughly understand our audiences but what matters the most is listening to you and making you happy.  That's how we've develop more advanced and efficient technologies over the years of research.  Increased ease of use is a crucial factor to our company's success and that's why our devices are professionally designed to be as simple as operating a hair dryer, but also to effortlessly remove hair! 

Women in red swim suit laying down in clear water facing upwards.

The idea is so you can invest thousands of dollars in laser treatment, invest more time arranging appointments and making 6 to 20 trips to the clinic so you could finally have unwanted hair removed.  Wait... that's not our goal... ours is the exact opposite, you get to enjoy the luxury and freedom of simple, painless and less costly hair removal sessions anytime you wish!

Okay, enough about us, Share your opinion on our products so we can improve!