5 Honest Reasons We Shave Our Legs!


There are times you subliminally want to run your fingertips down that smooth silky leg of yours without realizing it, and it really is a good feeling isn't it? Did you know, women on average spend around 1800 hours shaving their legs over the duration of the life time! That's roughly 2.5 months straight! But what’s really encouraging us to have such desire?


It was one question from my 9-year-old that startled my thoughts for a second, because I've been doing it as a weekly routine since 16 and not knowing the specific intentions behind it; unlike flossing or showering for example which are rather obvious. The first thing that swiveled to my head was that it's comfortable relaxing, and fun too I guess. After all, it's what we girls do. Yet there's more to it after a bit of “legwork”.


 Image of a women in white lingerie demonstrating how to shave and groom your thighs.

Let's get started!


Its clothing friendly!  Gathering up and getting changed to casually meet up with your regular friends; you've skipped a leg shaving session during your second week and thought it's not a big deal, oh well. As you were putting your trousers on but your legs just don't slide right in like they used to. Yup, i can sense every hair scratching the walls of the fabric at a reversed direction! It's more than a slight distress and I wondered if that's how guys feel when they wear trousers...


So the hair does crumble the mood for girls when putting on all sorts of jeans, jeggings and leggings etc. On the summery side of the world, we often want to wear our favorite sundress or shorts. However, we've naturally shaved our legs without having to put on anything and it's because we already know that it would be humiliating not to do so.  The beauty industry and our fashion preferences have long been promoting brands featuring models with smooth skin and legs, since then shaving and the obsession to go hairless has become a norm for anyone to look more feminine and appealing.


I was told to shave not only by my mom.  I was 16 when I was started dating and cuddling this guy, and he told me that if he slides his hands over my legs and skins, he’d imagine doing the same for a dude.  Now that’s obviously just a joke, but I would be equally shamed if I have not shaved!  And that’s why shaving plays a role for our love life.


In a women’s world, our age is a concern.  The purpose of great spending’s on beauty products and treatments were to look younger, more innocent and be healthier.  Same goes to removing hair as it really retains skin smoothness; we are always looking out for products that take off hair but without hurting the skin.

                      A picture of a razor with a pink handle

Hygiene is crucial as a female!  Our senses are just irritated by anything that smells or tastes bad at the slightest.  Not to mention seeing rotten things.  I do however have a messy closet, blaming my good fashion sense.  However back to the topic, it turns out having hairless legs does avoid trapping dust and reduces exposure to bacterial growth.  Shaving sometimes even acts like an exfoliator which gets rid of dead skin cells; always be aware how you use a razor as it’s not intended to remove dead skin cells.