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Want to wake up looking refreshed every morning?  The solution of a smoother face or skin could be done intuitively, you’ve tried what you could to revive that beautiful skin of yours but until this point you’ve gotten yourself stuck.  But don’t worry!  You’ve gotten yourself in the right place!  Today we’re covering tips and secrets, polishing your way up to achieve a silky soft skin!

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Moisturizing is fundamental when it comes to attaining a gentle skin texture.  Soothing products like body lotions gives the surface of your skin a wet coating, also giving your skin cells a fleshier structure as it absorbs the hydration.  It is always advised to use moisturizers right after a shower or hair removal session since it recovers your skin from washed away sebum or dryness.  For a good habit of hydration, always use body oil right after applying body lotion, this stops moisture in lotion escape resulting in a longer period of plump skin cells.  Additive variations in lotions may substantially heal ones skin texture, such as vitamins, retinoid and hydroxyl acids depending on your skins reactivity.  Most lotion products would’ve already been labelled for consumers such as “dry skin” or “sensitive skin” etc.


We will cover Hydration.  Yes, this is no secret for us girls and why is it even on the list? The thing is most people know that drinking water (8-10 cups/day) is necessary to maintain a younger-looking skin but many of us are peppered with our overburdened daily lives that we might’ve neglected.  And therefore this topic acts more as a reminder.  Not only does water intake fulfil your cells on your skin, it also washes away toxins from your body, resulting in healthier body and skin.  Antioxidants from fruits are also an essential key to smooth skin!  Remember, drinking water is critical!


This topic focuses mostly on satisfying the skin, let’s shifts our focus onto another component which also affects the smoothness of the skin.  One “secret” to a softer touch is actually getting rid of hair in the gentlest way without hurting the skin using IPL machines.  IPL hair removal does extensively provide a smooth surface with little effort as well as permanently, rather than targeting solely on pleasing your skin, hair removal will boost your skin with the “silk and shine” effect.  Divine IPL hair removal products provides permanent results, and are the perfect alternatives to a costly and time consuming laser treatment, or a distressing electrolysis treatment. Shaving and waxing also takes times and only produces a short-term outcome.


Intake of nutritious foods including fish, vegetables, fruits and berries will not only maintain your health but also repairs you skin!  These are rich sources of omage-3, Vitamins and antioxidants.  Dietary indirectly affects your skin, that’s why it’s crucial to maintain a consistent daily absorption routine.  Avoiding artificial and unhealthy foods will be your first step to successfully getting into the habit of eating healthy!

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We’ve covered part of how improving your eating habits affect skin health; let’s also acknowledge that sufficient sleep and exercising is equally crucial!  Ever felt drowsy and tired due to lack of rest? Well, your skin cells feels the same way, sleeping a minimum of 7 hours a day will recover your body and skin at night.  It even refreshes your mind for a new day!  Also a regular workout influences a better circulation of blood around the body and face; this gives your skin an opportunity to ingest the valuable nutrients from your daily food intake!  “Don’t sweat the small things!” is a phrase that we might’ve came across, but exercising is ideal for discharging any unwanted substances that are in the way of your skins beauty!  Working out is also a great way to prevents free radical damage and reduce inflammation.



Exfoliation consists of getting rid of the old and dry skin on the outer layer.  It is a process that could be achieved mechanically or chemically.  The mechanical process involves brushing and rubbing with the use of abrasive, common products such as facial scrubs, sponges, brushes, microfiber fabric or cloth are used depending on one’s comfort and needs.  On the other side, medical treatments uses exfoliation products that contains glycolic acid, fruit enzymes, malic acid, citric acid and salicylic acid, which are often ingredients in scrubs. People love using this method for the reason that it makes use of natural elements most of the time.  However, downsides of exfoliation are the relatively costly products and procedures, as well as irritated and red skin at first. 


After all, your skin deserves to be treated well as it is one of the keys to beauty!  A daily skin care routine can minimize aging and wrinkle skin; it’s absolutely simple and crucial to eat nutritiously, apply moisturizers and consider IPL laser hair removal!  Working out, having sufficient sleep and water are often overlooked.  Which of the methods have you learnt today?  Share this post with your family and friends!




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