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It’s not uncommon for women to reach a certain age to start seeing wrinkles.  This often happens as they go through menopause and perimenopause phases, causing hormonal changes overtime, and this results in a less smooth skin.  As a person gets older, he/she will realize the lost in collagens from the skin.  That’s a normal aging scenario, however some procedures could be done or avoided to elongate the young skin you have.  We must understand that a lot of the skins softness is related to exposure of the sun, as well as work burden and air pollution.   Therefore not wearing sunscreen when necessary or working over hours will not benefit your soft skin.  Air pollution is one of the less obvious ones as you don’t always notice the existence of pollution, however wearing a face mask at times could minimize pollution intake.  It is important to note that bruises may also contribute to a less smooth skin.


The stratum cornea is that outer layer of the skin exposed to the atmosphere, which consists of dead cells.  This significantly affects the texture and smoothness of your skin over time if aren’t taken care of regularly.  The longer it stays on your skin, the more it may affect the healthy skin cells underneath.  The healthier types of substances required are lipids and nutrients; it really gives your skin a more radiant appearance!


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Golden Line made from brushed metal.

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Golden Line made from brushed metal.