Proven Ways to Store Cut Riped Avocados


Everyone's impressed with it's source of nourishment's already, but whether you're trying to preserve the goody for later or to soften your calorie borderline for the day, you've got a good reason to be here.  Previously we've talked about the key benefits of avocados to a healthy skin and here's how to properly store these goodies.


Healthy Avocado Spread for breakfast

If you want to store uncut avocados, it's pretty straight forward, simply place them in the fridge if it's ripe.  Just a rule of thumb, room temperature ripens avocados and cool places slows down the ripening procedure.  As for storing away a cut-opened one, the key thing to remember is to avoid it's flesh from air exposure, this minimized the oxidation process.  We recommend adding lemon juice to the flesh and wrapping it with cling film before going into the fridge.  Air tight containers could also be used as an alternative.  This method allows the fruit to sit for another day. 


Other forms of prepared avocados such as mashed or diced avocados are much harder to preserve as it's more likely to embrace air, however the lemon juice method still works as long as it's store in an air-tight and controlled environment.  









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