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If you're going after Gifts, we've got this! We have delicately selected the golden product from the list of gems, suitable for both women and men as we know that they are often dissatisfied with unwanted body hair. Not only does IPL machines conveniently removes hair from specific areas, they won't have to shave their ever growing thickened hair anymore! Amazed by the results and solution that you've provided, they will definitely thank you later for making their lives easier!


Our #1 recommended gift is the Premium IPL device, which also has been our best seller in 2018. The Premium model is a safe and moderately priced hair removal device that's suitable for starters. It's convenient design allows users to effortlessly navigate tricky areas. Above Premium is the Deluxe IPL device that maximizes efficiency and performance, it also comes with a full display while Premium has an LED indicator that shows the selected modes of intensities that the pulse light is currently emitting. Being a more upgraded IPL device than the smaller Standard model, it discharges a more effective pulse light and a larger spot size for an efficient treatment. All devices are clinically and FDA tested to guarantee safety.


People are often have the concern of shelling out thousands of dollars for a permanent laser treatment last decade. In the modern world today, it's an obvious decision as low-cost and more advanced technology has taken over. For the top-of-the-line Deluxe model IPL device, it's retail price is set at USD 399, the Premium model as recommended was 299, currently with a red price tag of just 179! Plus, you get to own the device whereas laser treatments requires longer periods of time and specific appointments. Producing the same exact results, you also save around 80% the cost of a laser hair removal treatment!






Golden Line made from brushed metal.

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Golden Line made from brushed metal.