Myth Busted! Does Cyclist Hair Removal increases Aerodynamic?


In the sporting arena, cycling has been some of the toughest and most competitive sports.  Every factor matters within the 40km, equipment, weather conditions, performance and geography.  Little things add up, it’s well-known for cyclists to remove hair and here’s why…

If you’re thinking about being more aerodynamic, you’re not exactly wrong.  It helps very slightly with reducing resistance and drag but the effect is barely noticeable.  Although lycra shorts are worn by cyclists to minimize drag as they ride, it also keeps their movement more flexible and comfortable.

There are a few truths behind hair removal for cyclists; one of them is for the ease of putting on tight gears.  You might not think it's serious, but it really does help a bunch!  Ladies will understand how it feels when trying to put on tights after missing a grooming routine or two.  Another common reasoning is that cyclists injure quite often, almost every crash accident undergoes thick bandage treatment and you already know how it feels.  But there's more to wounds, cyclists have been told from experience that cuts and bruises heal significantly quicker on hairless skins.  Due to sufficient supply of nutrients more frequently towards the skin, instead of the distribution between both the skin and hair.  Nutrients rich in copper, zinc and vitamin A also aids heal bruises quicker.


Beautiful day cycling with a group of friends


Another intention for cyclists to go hairless is the efficiency of massages.  Athletes surely deserves to enjoy every rub-down and going clean on the skin does makes it effortless and efficient!  Try massaging your forehead versus massaging your scalp, and see which one of the two seems easier!  If you've learnt something today, why not share this article with anyone!










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Golden Line made from brushed metal.