Do you Sneeze when you Tweeze your brows?




Ever experienced the sudden involuntary discharge of rushing air from your nostrils when you tweeze your eyebrows? It is more common than you think but there doesn’t seem to be an actual explanation so far. Though, doctors believed that the trigeminal nerve is the cause of the reaction. The trigeminal nerve is the great sensory nerve of the face; it’s also the motor nerve of the muscles of mastication (chewing action).


Normally a sneeze occurs when the trigeminal nerve is triggered either by an itch in the nose or when some people stare at sunlight. It could be a similar scenario when hair is pulled out affecting the nerve. As you pluck, part of the root may be damaged causing the nerve to sense it as a warning sign. Some say that it could also be allergies possibly causing the sneeze. So far around 1 in 5 women have experienced such sneezes.


Most women are concerned about the excess body hair and 10-15% of all women spend hours every week plucking and shaving. If you chose to pluck eyebrows, it is very crucial to understand some of the benefits and disadvantage of doing so. It may be a quick problem solver to a new look and shape, but it also means that there's a possibility of it not growing back since it partially damages the hair follicle. It may also hurt the surrounding skin and in some cases causes irritation. It's not the best idea because after a while, some areas might be permanently bald whilst some will be replaced by new hair. It is usually very obvious it appears that you've plucked, as some areas of the eyebrow could appear more dense and less in others. Methods such as threading and waxing are suggested as a quick solution as this won't severely hurt your skin and other components.






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