Tested Skin Benefits of Avocados



It's been a new favourite to many and a blowout on the internet over the past years, yet there are still many other benefits you may not know about the pear-shaped fruit.  Not only has it gained reputation in the health industry due to having low level of cholesterol but high level of good fat content, it has also become a delight for foodies.  As a major ingredient used in guacamoles, salads, desserts, dips and toppings, coming up with an advocado dish is pretty much effortless.   


Considered as a "superfood" as many may call it, avocados carry various vitamins. nutrients and minerals.  They are also rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and organic compounds.  It isn't just a good source of potassium, but more crucially regulates the potassium and sodium levels in your body.  If you're seeking for vitamins, it's good to know that avocados has vitamins A,B6, C ,D, E, K, thiamin, niacin and riboflavin.  Nutrients that could be obtained which includes: iron, potassium, calcium, copper, phosphorus, zinc and magnesium.  Oh... not to mention it's dietary fiber content.  With the values that this fruit brings, it helps promotes a healthy heart, reduces hypertension, encourages digestion, benefits your vision, treats arthritis, antioxidant properties, prevents cancer, maintains blood glucose level, provides energy, improves bone mineral density, takes away bad breath, maintains a healthy kidney and liver.  The list goes on, but did you know that avocados benefits your skin too?


If you love consuming avocados as a part of your diet, then you'll be happy to hear the following!   Packed with essential vitamins and nutients, it helps refine any skin that is chapped or dry, as well as nourishing damaged hair!  It's surprising and good to know that some cosmetics and shampoo manufacturers include them as an ingredient rather than artificial ones.  Apart from aiding dried skin and hair, avocados have more benefits, such as  Carotenoids in avocados defeats any UV-induces inflammation of your skin whenever exposed to sunlight.  Actually there are some people that use avocado oil as a type of sunscreen to protect skin from sunburn.  Beta-carotene and lycopene are another critical component to promoting the health and skin tone.  Healthy aging affects has been a topic of lots of controvery these days and avocado intake or the use of pure avocado oil to skin benefits exactly that.  It is the Zaexanthin and Lutein presented in the fruit that does the magic to providing antioxidant properties, these two nutrients also protects the skin from damage from UV rays and radiation. 


A healthy breakfast consisting Avocados, toast and cilantro.


There you have it!  Get munching!  Avocados are fun to eat and are a fat that won't affect your weight too much if that's your concern.  We recommend one whole avocado per day as a part of your diet to maintain a good calorie intake, as thats still less than 1/5th of peoples average daily required calorie.  Interested?  Learn to store cut riped avocados in one of our previous posts!