The Harmful Truth of “Going Bare Down There”.




Ever wondered why it’s a trend and urge today for us to eliminate pubic hair?  We’ve been going hairless for years and that’s due to the fun fact that porn actresses do the same.  Female actresses shave genitals to appear more youthful in order to satisfy most of the audiences.  It makes sense since there’s a huge market for “barely legal” and “teens” searches, in fact both these terms are on the top 10 most searched list in the porn industry today.


Who doesn’t want to appear younger right?  For females, it’s the same reason why leg-shaving and shaving underarms are so popular.  Apart from the age concern, it’s also because nobody enjoys walking around with that strange feeling underneath.  If you’ve ever been challenged by a police officer and failed to walk in a straight line after a party, this excuse might get you out of trouble!  Another intention for clean shaven pubes for most people is to improve hygiene especially for women.


It’s no mystery that women generally spend hours a week grooming and it has become a routine.  Let’s be honest that waxing pubic hair is painful… ouch!  So that’s why most people decided to shave.  But they shave so usual risks such as razor rashes and cuts occur.  Many ignore the rashes but it’s what causes sexually transmitted infections.  STIs such as herpes were the most common in groomers.  The rate of other infections such as fluid-transmitted infections is even higher.  So the next time if you have a cut in your bikini area, don’t just ignore it.


To solve the hairless desire:  Why not consider the use of IPL devices as a safer, painless, natural and permanent solution?  It is definitely way less costly than a laser treatment, but it works just like IPL machines and produces the same results!  Hair removal lotions (depilatory creams) are also very affective but always be very careful as it contains chemicals which may cause irritation to sensitive skin and unwanted reactions.  You might also want to cover up the odor released by the lotion. 





Golden Line made from brushed metal.

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Golden Line made from brushed metal.