A Solution To Hirsutism?

Grooming as usual, but one day you’ve found that one irritating, awkward hair appearing on your chin and other unusual areas.. then you’ve realized there are a few more after a week, and then this time it’s slightly excessive.  You are now embarrassed to even hang out with your friends as it starts to play with your emotions and self-esteem, but don’t let it harm your social interactions and emotions as you aren’t alone! It’s a common situation among women, 1 in about 13 have these types of excessive hair growth known as hirsutism.  Before we step straight into solutions, let’s briefly explore and understand more about hirsutism.


Hirsutism in women is when improper coarse hair grows in a male form/pattern.  It actually means that hair follicles are revealed and exposed to male hormone androgen in follicles and blood.  Androgens are hormones that give males their characteristics.   In a woman's body, androgens are produced in fat cells, the ovaries and adrenal glands.  And one of the main purposes of androgens is to be converted into the female hormone called estrogens.  But the level of hirsutism is not always relatively comparative to the amount of circulating androgens.  In fact, almost half of women with mild hirsutism have a greater amount of circulating androgens than those with a higher level of hirsutism.


As mentioned, hirsutism may sufficiently affect ones self-esteem and social interaction, and many hirsute females tend to cover up to avoid becoming depressed.   They would spend hours removing hair, and most are often defeated by the long sessions and costly treatments.  Outdated and aching hair removal methods such as shaving and waxing are often carried out as a short-term solution to inhibit hair growth, after a short while you will see it appear again but much coarser and darker.  Another method is an intake of oral pills or contraceptives that focuses on lowering androgen activities.  These medications are often recommendations from your local pharmacists or family doctor as they’re mostly combined with antiandrogens to prevent pregnancy.  Also, antiandrogens could possibly injure and hurt male fetus and therefore it has to be consumed with care.  Electrolysis is one of the mechanical methods alongside with laser treatment.  Electrolysis is carried out by inserting an electrode to destroy hair follicles, while laser treatment involves targeting the pigment, known as the melanin in hair follicles.  Electrolysis is ideal for removal of hair of almost any color, but some say that this method is very distressing and painful.  Laser treatment is less painful on the other side, as well as being safe, common, quicker and more effective, however it requires coughing up the costly premium and requires you to book appointments.  But both of these methods are either distressing or pricey.


As they say, “You get what you pay for.” It’s not always the case with what experts are about to show you here, and I’m sure that’s why you’re here.  We have tested and are introducing a simple new generation of IPL hair removal devices; the more advanced and upgraded technology that makes hair removal more convenient and less distressful.  IPL technologies have been around for years and it’s an advanced technology that not only achieves permanent results, but also provides a solution to avoid the discomfort of electrolysis treatments or paying thousands of dollars for laser removal.  It only costs about a sixth of a laser treatment and you could have a personal home laser hair removal anywhere, anytime!  IPL have long been known for its harmless, painless, convenience and inexpensive alternative to laser treatments.  After generations of elevated IPL technology as well as customer satisfaction worldwide, it’s certain to say that IPL is the ultimate solution.  Don't let the small things interfere with your freedom and lifestyle!


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